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police stun gun


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Bling – Lipstick Stun Gun cum Flashlight

Bling(police taser stun gun) is our signature 2-in-1 self defence product designed especially for women. Don’t be fooled by its compact size – Bling packs…

Electra Stun Gun

Electra (police taser stun gun)is a heavy-duty stun gun and safety torch. A well-built weapon with metallic finishing, the perfect self-defence tool to protect you…

E- Wave Stun gun with Flashlight

E wave is a pocket-sized stun gun and flashlight with a charge of 5 million volts per stun. Ideal for self-defence it is designed to…

Electra V-2.0 Laser + Flash Light Stun Gun

The Electra V2.0 (police taser stun gun)comes with a laser, flashlight and stun gun. Crafted from Military-grade aluminium alloy, the Electra functions as the perfect…

Zeus Stun Gun Baton

PROFESSIONAL DEFENCE EQUIPMENT: This heavy-duty stun gun with super powerful shock effect, if you are looking for a serious solution for self-defence, it is absolutely…

E-Wave V-2.0 Stun Gun

DELIVER PAINFUL STOPPING POWER: This stun gun brings an impressive 12million volts charge (intolerable pain)—that’s reliable protection when you need it most! ATTACKER SHOCKED: IF THEY TRY…

Terminator Taser Gun

The Terminator Taser Gun (police taser stun gun)is an ultimate self-defence tool to protect yourself from a distance effectively. It consits of the gun, transmitter,…

Electroshock fist 2 Stun gun

Electroshock Fist 2: A high-performance self-defense device Impressive Voltage: Generates an astonishing 800,000 volts for enhanced protection Rechargeable: Conveniently rechargeable for long-lasting use Safety Assurance:…