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Ishq Wala Uno – A Fun Romantic Card Game For Couples

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A romantic card game for couples inspired by the famous game UNO, which is a shedding-type card game.

  • It involves the most romantic fun activities to spice up things and fill the air with romance.
  • A great gift for your your Wedding Night / honeymoon or anniversary  / valentines or just a special day.
  • We have carefully created the cards with multiple romantic activities.
  • You can also opt to buy our love hamper – Let’s Misbehave which also consists of this product combined with many more similar products to make a perfect big gift.


The first person to loose all cards wins and gets to “do it” their way.

How to Play:

  • The couple will deal 7 cards out of the 108 cards to each other and stack the remaining cards in a draw pile
  • Then turn the top card over to create a discard pile.
  • Both players play a card that matches the color or the number on the top card.
  • If a player doesn’t have any matching card they must draw a card until they can play.
  • There is a romantic dare which is to be done as directed in many of the cards .
  • If someone plays a “skip” or “reverse” card then their partner will loose a turn
  • Plus the dare can be forfeited by them, that is written on the previous card played.
  • When someone plays a “draw 2 card”, then the partner must draw & forfeit their turn.
  • If a person plays “wild card”/“draw 4″ then the person who played it will  choose the next color.
  • When a player has only one card left they must shout “Ooooohh La La”.
  • If that player doesn’t say it and if their partner notices, they can force them to draw 4 more cards.