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XECH T2 IN INDIA Material: High Quality ABS – Function: Desk Lamp/Pen Stand/Emergency Light – Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Battery – LED Lumens: 450 Lumens – Working Time: 6-8 Hours – Dimming Type: Long Press Power Button – 360° Rotating Neck: Yes

– Energy-Saving

– Touch Switch

– Soft Light

– USB Charging

Rechargeable Battery


The XECH T2 is a remarkable device that has grown in popularity in India among tech aficionados. This little, fashionable device combines the features of a wristwatch, a fitness tracker, and a genuine wireless earphone, making it a multipurpose travel companion. The XECH T2 delivers a seamless audio experience thanks to its ergonomic design and comfortable fit, letting users to enjoy their favourite music or take calls without having to deal with cords. It is the perfect companion for fitness aficionados because to the built-in fitness monitoring functions, which also offer real-time statistics on steps taken, distance travelled, calories burnt, and even heart rate. The XECH T2 can function as both a wristwatch and a smartphone, displaying alerts from calls, texts, and social media.

The XECH T2 is a practical and adaptable device that meets the demands of modern people in a fast-paced and technologically advanced nation like India. The XECH T2 offers a smooth audio experience without the inconvenience of tangled cables, whether you’re exercising at the gym, travelling, or simply going about your regular routine.

It is an invaluable companion for individuals leading an active lifestyle because of its fitness monitoring features, which motivate users to keep active and easily check their health. Additionally, the wristwatch features make it possible for people to be informed and connected without continually checking their cell phones. The XECH T2 is revolutionising how people in India interact with technology with its svelte form, innovative functionality, and seamless integration of music, fitness tracking, and smartwatch functionalities.